Policy Advocacy


Advocating  on the implementation of the Child’s Right Act 2003 (CRA) in states that have yet to promulgate this Act into law in  their respective states.

The CRA in its rights-responsibilities approach, is culturally sensitive, compatible, relevant and above all in the best interest of the Nigerian child.

We believe by promulgating this Act into law in all states of the federation we will be better placed to protect the Nigerian child, and have practical institutions on ground that will protect the Nigerian child, families and have lasting impact on children’s lives, the communities and bring about a greater good.

Join us in Advocating for the Nigerian Child.

Supporting the sustainable development agenda Goal 4 (SDG)
We intend to support children and the youths to Primary, Secondary and the University.

Promoting Education across the nation to the less privileged and also to working families that may face a difficult situation that will put their children’s Education at risk.

This we are very passionate about as we believe that it takes a village to train a child and we would be working with schools and the communities and our children in offering free local workshops centred around promoting Child Development, Education, and promoting our cause.


We are a hub of network where the Nigerian child can access information , be sponsored in their chosen talent or skill. We will work in partnership to  promote the Nigerian talent. We believe this will help build future entrepreneurs and also help reduce unemployment.

We welcome organizations and providers to empower the youths and children in their talents.